April 06, 2018

The Circle-Poloniex Journey: Six Weeks In

When we first began speaking with the Poloniex core team, we were amazed by the scrappy approach they had taken to build this platform into a larger-than-life legend and an inspiration for exchanges to follow. Right under our noses, a crypto community love project had grown into a company of incredible value without marketing, recruitment, or venture backing – with nothing but a kickass product and the passion to see it through.

Building a delightful customer experience at scale is the shared responsibility of product, engineering, operational process, and supporting tools. With access to more resources as part of the wider Circle team, Poloniex has the chance to step back, take a deep breath, and work together to build an industry-leading customer experience. We're on a mission to breathe new life into this incredible platform, to rebuild our customers’ trust, and to make each and every interaction with our team delightful from here on out.

When the Poloniex-Circle integration began in late February, together we faced a backlog of 159,000 customer issues. Over the past 6 weeks, we have resolved 76,000 of those issues and added 6 new agents to our support team. We have tripled the number of engineers working on our wallet infrastructure and streamlined the process for notifying engineering when technical support is needed.

But we have many more issues to fix and emails to answer. We know that many of you have waited a long time for an answer from us, and we really appreciate your patience. Your success and happiness is our success and happiness, so please let us know when our support falls short of your expectations.

Beyond improving how and when we respond to you, we are working to address the root causes of these issues so that you won't even have to contact us in the first place. Right now we are laser-focused on increasing deposit and withdrawal reliability so that customers can move funds with confidence. We're also digging into common issues customers experience when signing up for an account and verifying their identity. Thank you to all our legacy users who have already completed the verification process. For those of you who have not, we will be contacting you directly to do the same.

From now on, we commit to being as transparent as possible about the challenges we face, and our plans to tackle them. We also look forward to growing the Poloniex platform beyond its current reach, growing our global footprint and working with developers to bring innovative new cryptocurrency projects to the world. Watch this space for more exciting product news in the weeks and months to come!

- The Circle Poloniex Team