August 17, 2017

Token Listing Policy Reminder

In light of the SEC’s recent Investigative Report on TheDAO, we would like to remind our users and the broader community of our policies for listing tokens on the Poloniex platform.

We respect and follow all applicable laws and regulations, including U.S. securities laws. The SEC's report discussed the application of securities laws to blockchain tokens, and we appreciate the SEC's guidance and the respect shown for our growing industry. We also now have further confirmation that our onboarding policies are well-founded, since we apply the same “Howey test” factors to each token listed on our platform.

As part of our compliance processes, we periodically assess listed tokens, and some may end up delisted as a result. In the process of undertaking this review, we may find that although a token is unlikely to be a security, it may still warrant delisting because liquidity, volume, and overall community involvement may be too minimal to warrant continued support on our platform.

We will continue to comply with U.S. securities law. We will also continue to assess new tokens that seek to trade on our platform and monitor those already listed. We will not list tokens that are securities. We will delist any tokens already on our exchange if we come to believe they are securities, whether that be by changing interpretation of the law or changes in how the tokens and underlying networks function over time.

- The Poloniex Team