What's New on Poloniex.com

The Poloniex redesign is live, and we are thrilled to share with you the very latest. Here are a few highlights:


For critical notices like coin delistings and server maintenance, we now have a new Alerts area located in the top nav bar.

After you’ve read the alert, you can dismiss it to minimize.


All user settings and preferences have been consolidated on the right side of the naviagation bar.

You’ll need to be logged in to access this.

Favorite Markets
Click to favorite a market. You can check "show only" when you want to only see your favorites. Uncheck and you'll see all markets.

When looking for a specific market, click in the filter field (or press Ctrl+F) to begin your search. You can optionally press Enter to select the top result shown, and press Esc to clear your filter.

If you have "show only" checked, the system scans across only the markets you've starred. To quickly filter across all markets, uncheck "show only."

Market Settings

To adjust the height of a market table, choose the # of rows to display.

For the far right column, select the coin name, your coin balance, or the coin's estimated value.

Quick Select allows you to star (or favorite) all markets, un-star (or un-favorite) all markets, or quickly star the markets with balances (must be logged in).

Column Sorting

Need to quickly sort on a particular column? Go for it!

As with most preferences on the exchange page, your sort preferences will persist whether you’re logged in or not.

Anywhere you see a icon, you can collapse or expand that component.
Chart Settings
The chart settings are now housed in a tool panel in the upper left corner of the chart.
Market Depth
You can hover over the market depth chart to get more detailed information on buy and sell pressure.
Deposit links
Studying a market and need to make a quick deposit? You can click on the Deposit link right above the buy and sell forms and go straight to the applicable market on your balances page.
Swap Orderbooks
If you'd like to swap the locations of the buy and sell orderbooks, click the swap icon located next to the Sell Orders header.
Sum Column
Put those spreadsheets away! The orderbooks now include a sum column.
New captcha

We integrated Google reCAPTCHA because it’s "easy on people and hard on bots," according to Google.

It's a learning system that serves up easier captchas to legitimate users. So if you’re not a bot, you’ll love this feature.

Trollbox Preferences
You can set the height of the tbox to your liking. You can even pop it out with the button. That's right – it now pops out and allows you to change the font size to boot.
Trollbox Announcements

Tbox announcements will appear at the top of the Trollbox when there are community notices, casual announcements, pfft countdown, etc.

Note: Tbox announcements do not appear in the popout.

...and many, many more improvements.