Mastercoin Now Available for Trading on Poloniex

Poloniex is the First Major Cryptocurrency Exchange to List Mastercoin for Trading

Austin, TX, July 2, 2014 — Mastercoin announced today that after several months of only being traded on and their decentralized exchange, Mastercoin is now open for trading on Poloniex. "The adoption of the Master Protocol by Poloniex is another step forward in the adoption of Mastercoin and Bitcoin 2.0 by the cryptocurrency trading and exchange community," stated Dominik Zynis, Head of Business Development for Mastercoin. "It validates the philosophy that the application-level Bitcoin layer is now viable for mass access."

Mastercoin's unique architecture required custom integration and testing by the Poloniex development team. Zynis added, "This speaks well for the technical ingenuity and resourcefulness of Poloniex." The additional work was never a deterrent for Poloniex owner, Tristan D'Agosta. "We had our sights set on Mastercoin for quite some time," stated D'Agosta. "We have great respect for their innovation and vision in the cryptocurrency space and are excited to offer Mastercoin to Poloniex customers."

When asked about the near future, Zynis stated, "Businesses and distributed applications developers are gaining value by issuing coins enabled by the Master Protocol to leverage Bitcoin's transaction security and growing user base. We believe the releasing of new, innovative coins will greatly increase the adoption of Mastercoin as well as Bitcoin."

Additionally, the Mastercoin Foundation is set to release a beta version of MasterCore, a reference client that is tightly integrated with the reference Bitcoin client. MasterCore will make it easier for exchanges to add new coins and other assets, while lowering costly security audits and integration work, bringing new coins to market faster. "We welcome Poloniex to the Master Protocol ecosystem," stated Craig Sellars, Foundation CTO. "We see this as a great opportunity to provide broader reach to the new paradigm of financial decentralization set by the Master Protocol."

About Mastercoin

Mastercoin (MSC) is a crowdfunded, Bitcoin blockchain currency layer that allows for a plethora of new digital currencies and property sales to be created through the Bitcoin blockchain. The Master Protocol removes the typical broker level (and fees) from financial transactions, restoring trust as the keystone element in trade. The principles of Mastercoin were first developed in J.R. Willett's Jan. 6, 2012, white paper, The Second Bitcoin Whitepaper. To learn more about Mastercoin, please visit

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About Poloniex

Based in the United States, Poloniex is a leading digital asset exchange offering a wide variety of digital assets. Founded in January 2014, Poloniex offers a secure trading environment and provides advanced charts and data analysis tools to its customers.

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