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      Posted by busoni@poloniex on 2017-02-25 22:56:57


What Is Marking?

In the context of the Trollbox, marking is a reputation and tipping system. When you mark another user, you are awarding them reputation points and a small amount of BTM. You may mark other users for saying something useful, interesting, amusing, or for any other reason.

How Do I Mark Other Users?

Once you have enabled marking on this page, you can mark other users by typing a command in the Trollbox. The syntax is:

/mark <username> <amount> [reason]

[reason] is optional. If specified, it will be displayed to other users and recorded in the marking ledger, along with the username and amount.

Each mark is worth 0.001 BTM. When you mark another user, 0.001 BTM per mark will be deducted from your balance and added to the other user's balance. Additionally, the other user's reputation scores will increase according to a custom algorithm.

For example, suppose user Mary types /mark Jane 50 in the Trollbox. The following will happen:

  • Mary's BTM balance will decrease by 0.05 BTM
  • Jane's BTM balance will increase by 0.05 BTM
  • Jane's reputation score will increase according to our custom algorithm

The algorithm is designed to give an accurate representation of reputation and discourage gaming. For example, it provides a greater reputation score to users who have been marked by a variety of other users — in other words, a user who receives 10 marks each from 10 different users will have a greater reputation score than a user who receives 100 marks from a single user. Please note that the algorithm is in beta and subject to change, and that changes will be applied retroactively. To check a user's reputation score, type:

/rep <username>

Remember, when you mark someone, check your amounts carefully, as markings cannot be reversed for any reason.


In order to protect users and reduce spam, there are some limitations to how much and how often you can mark.

If you do not have 2FA enabled:

  • You can mark once per minute
  • You can award up to 50 marks at a time

If you do have 2FA enabled:

  • You can mark once every 10 seconds
  • You can award up to 1000 marks at a time

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